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Biochar and international development

Thematic Strategy:
Soils; Systems & Social
Key Staff:
Dr. Saran P. Sohi, Prof. Ondřej Mašek, Dr. Andrew Cross , Abbie Clare


The agronomic benefits of biochar have usually been shown to be greater in dry, sandy and nutrient poor soils.  There are many such soils in the developing world, and there are also large numbers of people whose main source of food and income is small scale agriculture.  In these types of environment it is hoped that biochar could improve crop productivity and soil quality, which will only become more important as the effect of climate change become more marked. 

Biochar can be produced at household scale in fuel efficient smokeless stoves, or at larger scales delivering electrical power to communities. 

There are of course challenges, including costs, encultured ways of doing things, logistics, technologies and integration into different forms of agriculture.

We currently have projects in Cambodia, India and Ghana.

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