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Prof. Ondřej Mašek

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Chair of Net Zero Emission Technologies
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I work at the UK Biochar Research Centre, which is a part of the School of Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh. My role is to lead the research on biochar production technologies, biochar engineering for different applications, and testing of biochar's performance, as well as the performance of the overall system. Beside this, I also teach the introduction to CO2 capture and transport technologies on the Carbon Capture and Sequestration MSc course

Research Interests

For the past eighteen years, my research has been dedicated to various aspects of thermo-chemical conversion of biomass and fossil resources to added-value products, e.g., materials, electricity, heat, chemicals or fuels, and associated issues related to efficiency, sustainability and GHG emissions. Prof.  Mašek joined the University of Edinburgh in 2009 and together with colleagues co-founded the UK Biochar Research Centre at the School of Geosciences. His research has since then been focused on conversion of biomass to biochar and co-products for the purpose of atmospheric carbon sequestration, and adaptation to climate change (tackling environmental issues and making agricultural production more efficient and resilient). His main focus is on targeted biochar products (engineered biochar) and informed selection, i.e., a more sophisticated method for biochar production and application, allowing higher desired impacts with lower inputs. Prof. Mašek has led and participated in a number of UK, EU and international projects and has a large number of active collaborations with industry, ranging from start-ups to multinationals. Since 2007 he has published over 135 peer-reviewed papers with over 7400 citations (Google Scholar) and h-index of 42.


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