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Pilot-scale pyrolysis unit

Alongside a research on pyrolysis for biochar production the pyrolysis laboratories at the UKBRC are providing material for biochar researchers both within the UKBRC and the UK and international biochar community.

In the past we have been able to provide only small amounts of samples due to operational constraints, however from early 2011 we will be able to supply larger quantities of highly specified biochar to the research community. This is due to the fact that we will start operation of pilot-scale slow pyrolysis unit dedicated to biochar production research.

There are two basic options for provision of biochar at any scale from grams to several tonnes:

- Stock biochar (a small range of biochar products from selected feedstock) - this option is ideal for low budget projects (e.g. students) as it offers the consistency of biochar produced under well defined and controlled conditions without the extra costs associated with custom made biochar.

- Customised production of biochar, i.e. we make biochar from feedstock of your choice and under conditions you define. This option is ideal for researchers and practicioners who value the benefits offered by production of biochar under well controlled conditions and who require the flexibility provided by customised production. We can produce biochar from a wide range of feedstock under conditions ranging from low to high temperature pyrolysis. In addition to the biochar, we can also provide information on composition of pyrolysis liquids and gases which can be used in LCA of biochar systems. For large orders, the cost of custom made biochar approaches that of the stock biochar.

For more information on our biochar production capabilities or enquiries about biochar supply contact Dr. OndÅ™ej Mašek ( or at +44 (0)131 650 5095.

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