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Advanced Carbon Materials from Biowaste - GreenCarbon-ETN

Key Staff:
Dr. Saran P. Sohi, Prof. Ondřej Mašek, Christian Wurzer

GreenCarbon aims at new scientific knowledge, capability, technology, and commercial products for biomass-derived carbons (BCs). The objective is to improve the way that Europe innovates and uses sustainable carbon materials.

GreenCarbon aims to covers all aspects of the supply chain - from feedstock (biomass precursors) to processing (i.e. thermochemical conversion), physical and chemical functionalisation ... through to application. Some possible end uses include CO2 capture, catalysis and fine chemicals, emphasising the need for BCs that are not only sustainable but carefully designed and engineered.

The Network will coalesce around 14 fully-funded PhD projects (ESRs). University of Edinburgh is involved in two ESRs, one based in UKBRC and one led from University of Gent, Belgium.

Relevant Research Areas: