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Christian Wurzer

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Researcher and PhD student
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Christian is part of the Green Carbon Training Network “Advanced Carbon Materials from Biowaste: Sustainable Pathways to drive innovative Green Technologies”. 

While there are currently many different applications of biochar under investigation, most research is focused on a one-time use of this material. To overcome this shortcoming and increase efficiencies in biochar systems, this PhD project will focus on the identification and exploration of the most promising pathways for sequential uses of biochars. 

Due to the many possible applications of biochar, ranging from the use as a catalyst to the application as animal feed, there are many potential biochar systems with potential synergies. One example could be the use of biochar in filtration systems before an application to soil or growing media. For increasing sustainability in the use of this highly valuable resource, it is crucial to create integrated systems and avoiding inefficiencies, both in environmental as well as economical terms.

This PhD project will therefore also collaborate with consortium partners from the Green Carbon project to re-use spent carbon materials from a range of applications currently under their investigation. 

The project is supervised by Dr. OndÅ™ej Mašek (UKBRC, University of Edinburgh) and Dr. Saran Sohi (UKBRC, University of Edinburgh) and funded by the Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network (European Commission).

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