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Dr. Peter Brownsort

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I have been working at the UKBRC since October 2009. My main role is the development and optimisation of pyrolysis processes for the production of biochar, including characterisation of feedstocks and products, pre- and post-treatment processes, and the assessment of energy systems based around biochar production.

So far, my main emphasis has been on establishing capabilities and equipment in the centre, principally three different scales of pyrolysis unit: a laboratory batch reactor, a bench-scale continuous unit and a pilot-scale unit. With the new facilities in place my ongoing focus addresses my key research question – how do feedstock, process and post-treatment affect the properties of biochar and the energy balance of the system?

My background is in Organic and Environmental Chemistry and I have over twenty years experience in industry, managing and developing process technology in the fine chemicals sector. In 2009 I completed a Masters degree in Environmental Sustainability at Edinburgh; my dissertation focussed on a comparison of technologies for pyrolysis biochar systems and this interest led to my present post. My main motivation is to bring my experience from industry to focus on an area with potential for significant climate change mitigation.

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