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Interreg IVB North Sea Region: Climate Saving Soils

Key Staff:
Dr. Saran P. Sohi, Prof. Ondřej Mašek
Oct'09 to Sept'13
European Regional Development Fund

Led by Province Groningen, Netherlands, this European project involves seven countries and 11 partners:  UKBRC, Province Groningen, kiemkracht (NL), MMI (NL), ILVO (BE), Universiteit Gent (BE), HAWK (D), 3N (NL), Riso DTU (DK), Uppsala Universitet (SW) and Bioforsk (NO).  The goal of the project is to develop strategy on how biochar could be deployed around the North Sea Region, to demonstrate viability and to disseminate knowledge amongst policy makers, research community, small and medium size enterprises and the general public.  The three work packages are: WP1: communication and dissemination; WP2: biochar logistics, production and assessment; WP3:  biochar deployment and field trials.  Simon Shackley is leading WP2, while both Ondřej Mašek and Saran Sohi are leading activities within WP2 and 3.


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