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Soils research to deliver greenhouse gas removals and abatement technologies (Soils-R-GGREAT)

Key Staff:
Dr. Saran P. Sohi, Prof. David Manning


UKBRC is contributing to a major NERC-led initiative exploring Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) options in a global context.

The global potential for CO2 removal into soil is being assessed in a consortium project led by Prof Pete Smith at the University of Aberdeen. Soils can be enabled by higher organic matter, storing biochar and/or forming carbonate minerals.

The potential synergies with water, plants and biomass would have to be optimised according to location. This will be explored over the next three years and potentially inform future decisions on commitments such as the Paris Agreement.

Prof Mat Williams in the School of GeoSciences is the Principle Investigator (PI) at the University of Edinburgh, with simulation work drawing on UKBRC data as well as the SUCCESS project. See Press Release here.

A Research Associate to work full-time on the task has recently been concluded - with an announcement due shortly.


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