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Key Staff:
Dr. Saran P. Sohi, Prof. Ondřej Mašek
2012 to 2016


Biochar as an option for sustainable resource management

COST stands for "Cooperation in Science and Technology". It is a long running scheme of the European Commission, seeking breakthrough developments to strengthen Europe’s research and innovation capacity. COST builds capacity through networking (especially for early career investigators) snd increases impacts of research on policy makers, regulatory bodies and national decision makers - as well as the private sector.

The COST Action on Biochar was launched in 2012 and runs through 2016. The instigator and Chair of the initiative is Prof Bruno Glaser of Martin-Luther-University in Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.

Dr Saran Sohi (University of Edinburgh) is one of the UK representatives in this COST Action, alongside those of 26 other COST countries. Ruben Sakrabani (Cranfield University) and Luke Beesley are others.

National representatives are able to connect researchers working with biochar to COST Action activities, which are organised within "Working Groups". Collaboration is sustained through the European Biochar Research Network (eBRN), its online discussion forum (Basecamp), an Annual Meeting and interim ad hoc meetings organised around particular "focus" topics.

UKBRC at the University of Edinburgh organised the Annual Meeting of 5-7th November 2014, in conjunction with the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

UK researchers keen to contribute to the work of the COST Action should contact Saran or Ruben.


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