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Mingyu (Vicky) Hu

photo of Mingyu (Vicky) Hu
PhD student
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Vicky is a PhD student researching the role of biochar in anaerobic digestion bioprocess. 

The application of anaerobic digestion (AD) has several benefits including wastes and/or wastewater treatment and bioenergy recovery. However, there are several remaining problems such as inhibition and unstable performance that cause AD failure. 

This research focuses on the effects of application of biochar in AD process under systematic variation of AD temperature, feedstock source and organic loading rate by using a continuously stirred tank reactor (CSTR) and batch-fed syringe reactors. This research also looks at the modification technologies of biochar to enhance process performance by ammonia binding and support of biofilm growth in anaerobic digesters. 

This researcher are also interested in basic ecological processes which determine the diversity, functionality and variability in anaerobic microbial community, and in applying this basic knowledge to improving the performance of microbial devices such as CSTR. 

This project is supervised by Dr. OndÅ™ej Mašek  (UKBRC, University of Edinburgh) and Dr. Andrew Free (School of Biological Sciences, UoE).