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Ifeoma Edeh

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PhD student
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Ifeoma is a PhD student researching the 3D structure of biochar and its impact on soil water characteristics.

Postive soil water storage and movement properties are crucial for successful intensification of agriculture. The use of biochar for realted improving soil characteristics are a current and growing area of research.

The aim of this project is to provide extensive new insights into the 3D structural differences in biochars produced from different feedstock under alternative pyrolysis condition and to understand how these affect moisture in soils of different texture.

The relationship between biochar structural properties and soil moisture relationships is an attractive path towards precisely tailored biochar at enhancing water use efficiency and low-dose, high-efficiency effects.

The project is supervised by Dr. OndÅ™ej Mašek (UKBRC, University of Edinburgh) and Dr. Florian Fusseis (School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh).