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Xuejiao Chen

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Visiting PhD student
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I am a PhD student in soil science visiting from China Agricultural University.  My research stay at UKBRC, University of Edinburgh, is for 12 months from December 2018. 

My PhD project focuses on the modification of biochars for the main aim of immobilising cadmium in agricultural soils.

I have screened and pre-treated various crop straw feedstock, modified the resulting biochars, and then measured their adsorption / desorption kinetics with respect to cadmium. I have set up a controlled experiment to investigate the effect of the biochars in Sedum alfredii / celery intercropping, seeking positive effects on plant growth effects without cadmium uptake.

During my stay at UKBRC, I plan to study the specific interactions between biochars and the plant root surface. This will be in terms of their influence on the mobility of heavy metals, but also the delivery of nutrient elements.  My work is mainly supervised by Dr. Saran Sohi.