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Dilani Chathurika

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Researcher and joint PhD student (with Ghent)
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My PhD project focuses on the use of biomass-derived carbons (BCs) and BC-derived products in soil amendment and soilless growing media.

The main objectives are: 1) to provide the scientific basis for matching BCs to applications drawing on measurable characteristics and performance indicators; 2) to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fate and effect of contaminants arising in biochar from pyrolysis and in its use. These activities will address growing concerns in industry around the recycling and re-use of organic materials.

The expected outputs of  my project include guidelines for selecting BCs for  specific applications, a model for the stability of BC carbon, and a firm basis for the assessment of environmental and health risks arising from contaminants that can arise in biochar.

The project is supervised by Prof. Frederik Ronsse (Ghent University, Belgium), Dr. OndÅ™ej Mašek (UKBRC, University of Edinburgh) and Dr. Saran Sohi (UKBRC, University of Edinburgh). Funding for the work is through the Green Carbon Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network (European Commission).

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